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Push or carry for language?

here New research by Dr. Gina Mirealt, Brandy Rainville and Brenna Laughlin published in Infancy shows how strollers and backpacks influence early language development. They used GoPro technology in a within‐subjects counterbalanced design to measure dyadic vocalizations in strollers and backpacks with 7‐ to 11‐month‐old infants. Parent‐infant dyads (N = 36) who regularly used both transport modes took two 8‐min walks in their own neighborhoods using their own carriers while wearing lightweight head‐mounted GoPros. There was significantly more parent speech, infant vocalizations, dyadic conversations, and infant‐initiated speech in backpacks, as well as more head motion consistent with visual scanning by infants. Backpacks appear to be a practical way to encourage more engaging, language‐enriched developmental opportunities in the critical first year. (