HowBabiesLearn is founded by Dr. Tricia Striano,  an award-winning scientist and professor. Author of over 120 research papers on infant developmental social cognitive neuroscience, she is frequently called upon to lecture around the world.  Tricia Striano is author of Doing Developmental Research (Guilford Press) and Editor of Social Cognition: Development, Neuroscience and Autism (Wiley Press). She obtained her Ph.D. from Emory University and BA from the College of the Holy Cross.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation named Striano a recipient of the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award, Germany’s most prestigious award for scientists under the age of 40. She founded the Cultural Ontogeny Research Group at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and the Neuro-cognition and Development Group at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. In 2010, Tricia Striano received the Sanctae Crusis Award, the highest non-degree accolade that the College of the Holy Cross bestows on alumni. She serves on the Editorial Board of Infant Behavior and Development (Elsevier) and as a Research Ambassador for Germany.